Wednesday, March 31, 2010

So fruity

I have been having so much fun with fruit lately! I found a market less than a mile away from our house that has fresh fruits and vegetables at incredibly low prices! They also have an excellent Mexican food section with fresh tortillas and any ingredient you could ever want. It's nice to find a place that has affordable groceries! :D I've been using my Blendtec every day, sometimes up to three times. The boys love the green smoothies I make--it's taken awhile to figure out what fruits do and don't mesh well together--and I'm so happy to give them a "treat" that's so healthy! Alan and I think they're delicious as well, so for the first time in the 5 1/2 years we've been married we're finally eating all the fruits and veggies we need.
My goal is to learn to make my own garden and grow as many of my own fruits and vegetables as possible. I want to follow the square foot gardening method ( It's organized and all around seems just perfect for me. We just need to stop moving around so much, first! :D
Speaking of moving...we're definitely moving to Pennsylvania. University of Washington finally decided to boot Alan off the wait list and reject him. ;) It's okay b/c he has always felt good about PA...It's just good to know for sure that there's not another option. :D

Monday, March 22, 2010

Alan's 28!

March 11 Alan's cousin, Jenny, got us into the Seattle Children's Museum for free. :D Her pass allows her to take four extra people. Nice! We were gone six hours and only saw half of the whole place! :D Jenny is so fun! I love how outgoing she is...she really likes doing things with others. ;)

This is a fun water table area they loved! :D Such a great idea!

This was part of a big ball area where they feed balls through tubes, was kind of loud and Christian was a little scared. :D We quit this idea fast and got some lunch. :D

Here Jenny's building something with them the construction zone. It was such a fun place and I'm so grateful to Jenny for getting us in for freeeeeeeeeeeee... :D

Alan's birthday was last Friday and he turned 28. :D His aunt and uncle and parents came over for dinner (Costco pizza) and cake and ice cream. :) We love to have his family so near!
(This next photo is not for the faint of heart...beware, poopaphobes...)

While Alan was opening his presents, Miles had a major blowout...yah, it was pretty bad (that IS poop you see, it exploded all over!)...but FU-NNY! :D Poor "Mimi" and "Papa" got the brunt of it, and Auntie Donna helped get him cleaned up! :D It's Donna and Stu's couch...right after it happened, Stu said, "You can have the couch!" HA! :D It's amazing how you don't even flinch at your own kids' bodily fluids. ;)~

I forgot to take pictures of the Southern Coconut Cake I made him and though it was good, the Oreo Balls I made were by far the biggest hit...they were soooooo yummy. I got the recipe from my friend Emily. :D I love and miss her so! ;)

They were so good Christian was found sucking the remains of an Oreo Ball off of Miles' fingers...yah, it was dirty, but I was cracking up! :D

In this picture Miles is feeding Papa some chicken...the boys sure love their grandma and grandpa!!! Almost every day Christian says, "Guess what Mommy? Mimi and Papa and Missy (their dog) are coming over today." HA! It's going to be heart-breaking when we move to PA in May and we can't see them every month...I'm looking for a place to live and it looks like we'll have to live on campus, which STINKS! No dishwasher or yard and noisy kids living above us makes me annoyed already. But financially it's the best so I guess I'm going to have to suck it up. Boo! ;)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

(Oddly) nice winter days...

We've had some wonderfully beautiful winter days lately! And we've sure been taking advantage.

The boys like playing in the backyard! They fight over the soccer ball b/c Miles LOVES it!

And Christian loves to play baseball with us. He's actually pretty good at hitting the ball with the bat. :)

One day it was too wet for Miles to be crawling around...I love the picture of him with his face pressed against the glass door. :) It's pretty much the best picture EVER. :D

We always love to bike ride! I found that day (Feb 17) that I really need to get back into shape!

And Christian's been getting braver and braver on his own bike. He likes to ride it, though he's still a bit scared. :D We love him for trying.

We've also frequented the park a few times this winter. ;) The other day I was walking along with the boys (not driving to the only park I knew about b/c the battery was dead on BOTH cars!) and I happened upon a park just a couple blocks from our house. Score! :D It was a fun time.

Feb 20 our friends, the Padernoster's, had a yummy BBQ at their house...The sun was so bright I couldn't believe it....It was such a nice day!
They say it's been a mild winter for these parts...I'll take it! I'd like to think the Lord's blessed me, just me, with this awesome weather...but supposedly there's a large group of houses that are in a high risk flood zone...if it's too wet, a damn will break and flood them out....SO, it's a blessing for ME and THEM. :D

Another exciting thing that happened in February is my father-in-law and his twin sister's 59th Birthday. I made some cupcakes for them (we ate at a YUMMY Indian restaurant) and had a little too much fun decorating them. HA! It's not bad to have fun, right?! ;D