Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rock Band

So Alan always wants some new electronic toy and I am usually pretty resilient. We have to eat, after all! :) But sometimes, just sometimes (well, almost always, actually) he wears me down and gets his way...such is the case with Rock Band for the Wii (and the Wii itself!)...he's been looking at it--hinting he wants it and I was like, "Riiiiiight, when pigs fly."--and recently he found it for $99 at Best Buy. Well, after a 10% discount it was $89 so I guess pigs flew because I gave in. :)
It's all Christian asks to do and it became a little annoying, especially since he wants to switch instruments in the middle of each song. BUT, Alan and I played it together, alone, for the first time last night and it was sooooo fun! :) I like the drums and guitar...not such a fan of the singing part, but I do the best at it. :)
Another exciting thing is that I'm going to stay with my parents in Modesto for November and part of December. I'm excited! :) The lease for our apartment here in Cumming, GA is up October 15 and we'll head straight to Dallas, TX to see Stephanie, Alan's younger sister. She had a baby boy in November last year and we're excited to meet him!
After a couple days there we'll head over to Waurika, OK to see Alan's Grandpa & Grandpa Hendricks. They're the cutest! And it's fun to see them b/c my grandparents passed away many years ago.
Afterward we'll make our way to see Alan's older sister, Kristina, and her family. We're excited to meet their new dog and see all of them. We used to see each other a lot when we all lived in Provo and miss hanging out with them! :)
Christian continues potty training...I wonder if he'll ever catch on. He'll go if I constantly remind him and run to the toilet with him, but I wonder how long it's supposed to take before he feels the need and goes to use the toilet by himself. It's been a month, shouldn't he be doing it already? :) Well, I hear it can take up to 3 months so I'm not too worried, just impatient. Impatient is my middle name. :)
Today we signed Christian up for T-Ball and Soccer. SO cute!! I can't believe he's big enough, already!!!!! :( Kind of makes me sad, but the faster he grows the sooner he'll be able to get a job and move out, right? HA!!! :)~ Anyway, I can't wait to watch him running around without a clue what he's doing. HA! I'm going to take so many pictures! The boys continue to love each other and enjoy playing with one another! It's so cute!...and I hope it sticks! :)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Happy August!!

Alas July is already over and August flashes its smile at us. Too bad fire also shoot out of its eyeballs and burns us all to smithereens!! :) hehehe...It actually hasn't been too hot here at all, I'm surprised! But I know it is everywhere else. ;) Sorry! I'm sure it'll get more miserable soon. :) (At least I hear it's pretty miserable here in August.)
We've been well here in Cumming, GA. Christian has been enhancing his photo-taking skills. He took the picture of Miles and I...such a cutie! :) He's been potty training himself so well and we're so proud of him! There are accidents, of course, but I TRY not to get's always when I KNOW he has to go and I keep asking him and he keeps saying he doesn't have to...then I'm finally like, "Come on, let's sit ont he potty" and he follows and stops to pee on the way. HELLO?! It's hard not to get mad in that situation...but I'm trying to be more patient. :)
Last week we went to Lowe's Build and Grow...I guess every month they have a clinic for children where they build something and take it home, along with an apron and goggles. July's "something" was a helicoptor! It is actually really cool! :) We had a fun time building it together, although Christian peed right on the floor in the middle of it all. GOOD THING I was prepared, but it was one of those times I had asked him five times in a ten minute span and he kept saying he didn't needto go....well apparently he did. ;) Well, I know this too shall pass! I just love that I don't have to change his diaper anymore! I didn't even realize how much of a pain it was until now! :)
Miles is such a little bundle of love and happiness and I constantly want to hug and squeeze and kiss him...unfortunately he only wants so much of that and the rest of the time he wants to play. What's up with that?! :)~ He sits up perfectly and is on the verge of crawling...I'm not in any hurry! I don't want to have to babyproof while we're here! :) He LOOOOVES big brother! It's cute how he just loves to watch him and laughs at everything he does....soooo precious! Christian also loves to play with him, so it's nice! Miles also loves to make everyone laugh. He knows what makes us laugh and he does it, smiles at us as we laugh at him, and turns around and does it again. Such a ham!!! We love him so much!
The other day I had a flashback of an art project I had done in elementary school...we had collected leaves and such from the outside and we glued them on a piece of paper...then, with teacher's help :), we ironed wax paper on top...I had also done another project where we did rubbins of leaves and really, I'm not sure if we ironed the wax paper over the leaves or the rubbings, but I thought we'd do I took Christian in a fieldtrip around the area and we collected pretty leaves and returned and glued them on paper. It was a fun time! I have been blessed with a creative streak and I don't use it with my 2 year old for some reason! SHAME on me! >:l One day I vow to sit down and write down activities that we can do together to help him learn and just plain have fun! Anyway, this activity was a fun one about nature. :) I couldn't find my iron to iron on the waxed paper, but I'll probalby keep them so I can try it out and see how it goes! (Note: if you try this at home and want to iron on waxed paper, put paper towels between the iron and wax paper so you don't ruin your iron!) ;)