Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Canada, Canada, Canada...and a bit of New York

So I've felt sad about moving so far from family...but alas! It's been nice having my big brother and his family only 8 hours away. :D We went back for another week of Canadian fun and will go back AGAIN at the end of this week! :D HA! We just can't get enough. It's been really fun to hang with them because we hadn't really been able to before and we just love them so. :) Here are some pictures from our latest adventure...

They loved feeding animals at a free petting zoo. :) Ontario, Canada.

The boys playing in the pool with their cousins in their huge backyard. :D King, ON

Niagra Falls, ON...we stopped there on our way to Palmyra, NY

The falls were sooo beautiful!

Christian and Darren playing on the logs at the Smith Family farm.

My love handles taking the boys for a walk in the Sacred Grove. :) Palmyra, NY July 2010.

In front of Joseph Smith's first family home (rebuilt) in Palmyra, NY.

Hill Cumorah Pageant. NY, July 2010. BEAUTIFUL production.

Miles LOVES uncle Robert. Soooo precious. :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Canada!...Oh, and Happy Birthday to me. :D

SO, I've wanted to check out Canada ever since 1997 when I met a hot guy who was FROM there. He showed me pictures of his green, lush homeland with horses and lots of open space to boot. :) Well, a couple weeks ago I finally got me wish! :D Saturday June 26 I drove to visit my big bro and his family--they're there for a few years for his work--and I went ALONE. :) Alan had been gone for the month before for Officer Training for the Air Force and couldn't leave the country until July 8. And my nephew was baptized Sunday July 27...so I went alone. It was a NICE break. :D I loved it! I've always loved my older brother and he's grown up to be a wonderful husband and father. :)
The following Thursday I dragged my bro and his family down to Washington D.C. :) We had a blast there--saw the Museum of Natural History, the Air and Space Museum, saw the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, Lincoln Memorial, WW II Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, National Monument and saw the fireworks show on the fourth--and we just got back today. They drove their trailer and we camped. Trailer camping is nice, very nice. ;)

Alan and I in front of the White House. Fun times!

Walking around D.C. ~ Christian and Darren holding hands. So precious.
Christian LOVED his cousin, Darren--they're the same age--and everyone gets along really well. SO! tomorrow we're driving up to Canada...again. HA! My brother has a kayak and wants to take it out this weekend. Fun times. ;)
On a side note it's my birthday today. I'm 32. Alan took me to Medieval Times on Monday to celebrate and my sis-in-law took me shopping as a gift. A VERY nice gift, indeed. :) I wanted to cry it was so sweet! :D I just love them. Aaaawwwwwwww....