Sunday, February 7, 2010


Friday after Alan got back from work (he returned much later than normal, of course) we drove to Wenatchee to stay with Alan's parents.
Saturday we drove to Levenworth and spent a couple hours there. It's a cute little Germanesque village that draws tourists from all over (though I'd never heard of it until Alan took me when we were dating). :D It's so cute! The streets are lined with all kinds of stores that sell things from Germany (trinkets and food) and the buildings are decorated like German reminds me of the super duper fun European trip I took in 2001. I stayed in Germany and visited France and Switzerland and Italy (my favorite of all favorites!). It was awesome.
Anyway, Levenworth is a fun town and I'm glad we got to take the boys there. Christian's highlight was playing in a patch of snow with a couple other boys (it's fun to see him want to play with others all the sudden) and Miles loved the attention he got from Grandma and Grandpa. ;) He sure is a cute little stinker.

I'm glad we're taking advantage of the time we have being close (2 1/2 to 3 hours away) to his parents, especially since it looks like we'll be moving to Pennsylvania for medical school...possibly at the end of may. Yipes! I sure love traveling around, but it's not quite so fun with two little ones....But we will go and Christian will probably start wetting himself again and Miles will wake up in the night because of the huge change and we will all just plain love it! :)