Saturday, December 8, 2012

Finding Happiness in Doing What You're Doing

So I have three little boys: 6 months, almost 4, and 6 years old. Although I have never been a "kid person," I love my children very much and wouldn't trade them for anything in the world.
Look at those impressionable young faces. :)
The other day I was with my 6 yr old doing SOMETHING--for the life of me I can't remember what it was, but it was one of those mundane Mommy things I don't really like to do. I remember sighing impatiently while I waited for him to accomplish his task and was about to pull out my iPod to "pass the time doing something constructive". That's when hit me just what I was doing. I had the "I'd rather be somewhere else, doing anything else" attitude. Let's face it. It's HARD to enjoy laundry, cleaning up bodily fluids, scrubbing dishes, cooking, shopping, chauffeuring,  scrubbing toilets and sinks and hairy showers...But still, I wondered how I could POSSIBLY think my iPod would offer more happiness than spending time with my precious son. I realized I'd been treating my Mommy duties as something to push through in order to get to better things. Like facebook and blogging and writing books...even things like cooking fabulous dinners. Connecting with family and friends, writing and making a nice dinner for my family aren't BAD things, but I was putting their importance over the emotional needs of my children. Once I put the iPod away and looked my 6 year old in the eye and helped with what he was doing, his whole countenance changed. He was happier and I was happier. Putting him first in deed AND in heart made a biggest difference in the world........even though I didn't particularly like doing it. :)

Thursday, December 6, 2012


Time flies when you're having fun. And as is always true this time of year, there's been a lot of fun to be had. Here are 5 MILLION pictures to highlight some of the fun...
A friend of mine took our family pictures in October. I'm happy to have some pictures with the babelicious. :)
She edited these two pics. She sells Photoshop actions. Her website is Check it out!
Sometimes, just sometimes, we think we're pretty tough...
I love this with Elijah in the pumpkins--my cute little pumpkin--because we're all smiling for rizzle. (She edited this one, too.)
My three little men. :)
Me and my hooooooney--poo. Married 8 years, we have been (yes, said in Yoda voice).
We carved our pumpkins outside--it was such a beautiful day for late-October! The boys helped take out some seeds, but were too grossed out by the sliminess so I did most of it. Pansies! ;)
I'll show them how it's done. Nom-Nom-Nom!
Here's the boys all dressed up for Halloween. I think Miles mixed up his super heroes. :) The cuteness is almost too much! They got lots of candy through the drizzling rain and numb little fingers. Bless their little hearts. :D
Hurricane Sandy rolled through so we had our church's Trunk-Or-Treating activity 5 days after Halloween (the kids trick-or-treat from rows of cars lined up, trunks decorated, passing out candy). Our trunk was the scariest!
Christian and Elijah have a special connection that just warms my heart. :) C wants to spend every moment with his baby brother and E just lights up when his biggest brother enters the room.
Elijah swinging for the first time. Needless to say, he LOVED it! :)
Christian TRYING to swing with Elijah but my super-sized 6 yr old is just a little too long for the baby swing. :)
We went to my friend, Christina's house for Thanksgiving. She lives 4 hours from us in Wooster, OH. We all had a BLAST and plan to make another trip out there soon. (My boys still ask if we're going to, "hallow-hallow," as Miles calls Ohio.) :)
The food was sooooooooooo good. mmmm....
Shaylin quickly became Christian's "girlfriend". We were there 3 days and they spent every minute together. He said, "I'm going to marry her." Ah, young love. ;)
Now that Thanksgiving is over we're getting ready for Christmas...found this cute lil' reindeer when I pulled out the decorations.
My wonderful neighbor left goodies on my porch and the local critters decided to pull one out and have a taste. ha!!
Toooooootsies!! :) Love those tootsies.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My response to this election 2012, "I'm just scared"

(I wrote this November 7th and forgot to post it Oops...) ;)

A woman named Maria, who had grown up in communistic Soviet Union, called into Glen Beck's radio talk show the day after the election and said, "Glenn, well, I grew up in the Soviet Union and I came to this country 18 years ago and I felt that I’d never again have to live in fear,” she said. “And I’ve been worried for the past four years but after what happened last night, I’m just scared, okay?
“This president, his entire administration, I know a Communist when I see one, and he’s passed his policies, the direction we’ve been going in the past four years, it can’t be any clearer to me what his beliefs and goals are. And I think being an American is not about where you were born. It’s about what you believe, what’s in your soul. And what’s in his soul is dark. The ideology he believes, it’s pure evil. It kills people. It destroys souls. It’s synonymous with hopelessness, misery, apathy.
“I mean, that’s the only equality you get in socialism: Everyone but the government and the criminals are equal and miserable and poor and apathetic. And maybe it’s because I’ve lived through that that I can truly appreciate what America is and what it stands for. And I’m trying to find something positive about what happened last night, about this situation, some kind of hope, take it with good humor, but all I can feel is this dread.
“I had so much faith in the American people and our determination to do what’s right especially after what we saw at Restoring Honor which, by the way, me and my husband went to and it was amazing. I was in shock at what happened. I’m still in shock.
“I was mistaken. So many Americans have become diluted and pampered and all they care about is, you know, free stuff and the latest episode of American Idol. It’s insane. I don’t understand what’s happening here.”
Mr. Beck then responded with, "Half of your country feels exactly the same way."

I am afraid she is right...I pray for this country...that it may be a land of the free for my children and grandchildren to come. It is a somber, somber day...

Ode to Elijah

Elijah Matthew Bordon. :) Filling our lives with endless smiles and happiness. Now 6 months. :D So full of smiles and squeals and giggles...From the top of his fuzzy head to the bottom of his curly toes, Oh how we love him so!!! :D