Monday, March 25, 2013

Catch-up Time!

February 18th the boys were both home from school. 
And when they're around all day they tend to drive me well as each other.
SO, I took them to a happy-fun place called Fun Unleashed.
You pay $7 per kid for unlimited play on a huge jungle gym. I figured it would kill a couple of hours.
They had so much fun, in fact, that they lasted not 2, not 3...but SIX hours.
Elijah took a nap.
We ate pizza.
I explored the jungle with them.
And they played and played and played. It was AWESOME.
The weekend of March 2 we drove 4 hours down to D.C. We stayed in a nice hotel with a pool.
It was the nicest room we've ever stayed in. This is half of the room...
This is the other half where the boys slept on a hide-a-bed.
We shoved Elijah's port-a-crib in the kitchen area.
The main reason we went was to hit the D.C. temple. We went to a session together while our friends watched our kids. Then they went and we watched their three kids.
We took all six kids to a mall nearby so they could play on the equipment.
It worked out nicely.
Elijah and their little man posed for a pic.
Cheeeeeeeese. :D
On our way home we stopped at the Bass Pro Shop in Harrisburg.
We love the fish and playing on the big party boats and ATV's.
We may have spent a while in the hunting area...
We played the gun game for the first time. We were feeling spendy, I guess. :)
For some reason we never spent the $.50 a game before.
What cheapskates.
I can't get enough of that smile.
Needless to say they were BEAT on the drive home.
March 9 we wanted to hike with the boys, but don't know the area around here very well.
So we tried Spring Creek Park.
The area was small and ended up being a small jaunt than a hike.
So we drove to Tudek Park. We wandered around and found a huge field with two horses and a donkey.
 They walk right up to you and let you pet them.
The boys were nervous, but they got a kick out of it.
We finally got to use our baby backpack. :) Cute face.
March 19th was Alan's Birthday.
We bought him a shirt, cologne, 2 packs of Legos, and "The Hobbit".
He turned 31. My big boy. :D
I invited some friends from the neighborhood to eat cake with us.
Yes, those are Kit Kat's lining the outside of the cake. And there were Reese's Peanut Butter cups and pudding in between the chocolate cake layers. YUM.
It's been a good month, even with the incessant snow we've had.
Where is our Spring?
Hopefully it will come soon!