Thursday, July 31, 2008

Close ties

A couple Sundays ago my mission president was in town with his family (pic of him and his wife attached). A bunch of missionaries met up with him in a park and it was so fun! Pres. Calton ended with a little talk and we all hugged and went home. It is always so great to see Pres. Calton and his family! I love them so much! It's good to stay in contact with them to remember the eternal responsibility I have to those I served in Bolivia.

Last week we had a Bascom family reunion at Bear Lake, Utah. My family all drove over from California--a long way!--to be there and it is always good to see them (pic of all 6 siblings and my parents attached). The lake was so blue and beautiful! (pic of Alan and Christian attached), though Christian didn't like it. It was odd because he LOVES water--he laughs and splashes like crazy in the bath and in the little pool I just bought him--but something about the lake didn't settle well with him. He loved his cousins (pic w/cousin J.J. above). I can't wait to see where we'll go for the next reunion in 2 years.
I'm already 18 weeks along and feeling a lot better. I'm still nauseaus but not as bad as before (thank goodness!). We'll find out the gender on August 12. Alan's so sure it's a girl that I'll be surprised if it's anything else! I've felt the baby kicking for the past week and a half or so and I love it! It makes everything worth it.
Christian is such a character. He loves to laugh and does silly things to make us laugh. HA! He cracks me up. I can't believe he'll be 2 in September. He's already embracing some of the "Terrifically Terrible Two's" attitude. hehehe...It's funny. I like him so much better now than I did when he was a newborn...I guess I'm opposite most women.
Alan is still working hard at both his jobs. We hardly see him but try to maximize our time together when he's around. We're going to Lagoon tomorrow, compliments of his day job, G.E. I'm pretty excited.

Friday, July 18, 2008

July so far...

The 4th of July was so fun! We went to a pancake breakfast the YM/YW were putting on at the church then walked over and watched the Forth of July parade. It was fun! During Christian's nap Alan and I watched "Spiderwick Chronicles". It was fun to cuddle and relax together...I hardly see him these days! Then at 5 p.m. we had a BB-Que with some friends and lit off some fireworks until 7:30 p.m. when we had to head over to the BYU football stadium. Alan bought Stadium of Fire tickets. It was fun! Blue Man Group was very entertaining and I actually tapped my foot to some of Miley Syrus' music. The fireworks show was long and fun. We couldn't find anyone to watch Christian so we had to take him. He fell asleep after the first 45 minutes or so...Poor little guy. I had to cover his ears b/c it was SO loud (pic included)! We thought we were being smart by fighting traffic and riding our bikes. Well, when it was done I got to my bike the front tire was flat! So we had to walk and still made it in half the time it took those who drove. :D heheheeee...
My birthday was on the 7th. So now I'm 30 and it is odd that for the next nine years when someone asks my age I'll have to start with "thirty" instead of "twenty". Alan worked all day so it was pretty uneventful. A couple friends came over in the evening and brought me a cake and balloons and flowers. (Video attached of Christian playing with the balloons.) I almost cried b/c it meant a lot to me. Especially since Alan didn't do anything. He's such a male sometimes. :)~ He's still trying to find my birthday present: Mario Cart for the Wii.
My family has a reunion next week, Mon-Fri. I am so excited! I'm going Tues-Fri and am crossing my fingers that Alan will be able to make it for 2 nights. It depends on if he gets work off at his night job. He's trying really hard so hopefully he can come.