Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What makes someone a Daddy?

Yesterday Miles pointed to some guy and said, "What is that Daddy doing?" I then asked, "What makes someone a Daddy?" Christian quickly replied, "Their hair cut." ha! I don't know where he got that answer from...maybe because the guy had a buzz like Alan. Either way, I just get a kick out of some of the things these kids say!
Here are my two sweeties, showing off their handsome new suits. :)
On another note, we have decided to name the baby Elijah Matthew. The boys are already calling him Baby Elijah when they kiss my belly or blow into my belly button (as Miles does, saying he's blowing on the baby). :) Too precious.
I can't believe I'm almost 7 months along. Yipes! This picture was last month at 6 months along. I swear Elijah is trying to break out of his prison by pushing through my stomach. He's already so strong and active. Oh heaven help me! I love, love, love my boys!! :D