Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Christian's 3!!!!

Christian just had a birthday a week ago, Sept 8. I can't believe he's three years old, already! We took him to a hibachi place for lunch and he FREAKED out when the chef made the flames flair up. HA! He cried and said, "I need to go potty!" over and over and tried to jump out of his chair. It was pretty funny. HA! The food was SOOOOO good, though, and afterward they gave Christian a balloon and a plate with 3 pieces of cake and 3 scoops of ice cream. So sweet!! (And yummy!) :)~ We've been to the restaurant before and the food is SO good and the prices are reasonable! :) That's one reason I'll be sad to leave in a month. ;)
Then Saturday we had some kids over from his nursery class at church. We filled Christian and Miles' room with 100 balloons and they had the funnest time playing in there! I had planned a couple activities but they had so much fun with the balloons I didn't even bother. HA! We had yummy Costco take-n-bake pizza and a YUMMY cake I made (if I do say so myself)...it was my first attempt at a double layered cake. I put pudding in the middle and made a whipped cream frosting...then I tried decorating it like a baseball. You could tell it was a baseball, but it was lopsided! :)~ Well, it was my first time ever decorating a cake with frosting! :D So it was a fun experience and a fun time. His nursery teachers came, too, and they are a riot! He got some cool toys and LOVED having friends over. I need to have more play dates! ;)
Today we went to the animal shelter (as we tend to do a few times a month) and found the dog of our dreams...well, besides the fact that it's a MALE dog. I don't like male dogs for one unsaid reason, but he's so small it might not be so bad. HA! He's a chihuahua mix and has cool dark brown coloring and has a precious personality! He's not yappy (well, from what we've seen) and he was so cute cuddling up to us. We like him a lot and when we left we went straight to Pet Spart to see how much doggy stuff is. It's not cheap! ;)
We're still on the potty training train with Christian. ;) Some days he'll do great and the next day he'll have 2 accidents. He pees during his naps a lot and sometimes at night. He's dry in the morning if I've been really good and keeping liquids away from him a couple hours before bedtime, but mostly I forget. He's like me...he only thirsty at night! But I've been trying to give him more liquids during the day. He's such a big boy (41 inches, 37 lbs) and loves to mimic. He also LOVES soccer practice and playing baseball outside. Indoors he plays with his many hotwheels and other toy vehicles. He's obsessed with anything that has wheels!
Miles is rolling and scooting all over the place! We still forget that we need to have things picked up now, though he's been at it for a couple weeks. I can tell he LOVES his new freedom! He also loves to make us laugh. His most recent trick is to stick his little tongue all the way out right before giving us a kiss. It always makes us laugh so he keeps doing it, although it's pretty nasty to be licked all the time. HA! Silly baby. He always makes us smile and we love having him around.
He and Christian LOVE to play with each other and I can tell Miles goes crazy wishing he could run around with big brother. Soon enough he will! :)

Sept 4-6 we took a trip to Savannah, GA. It was a 4 1/2 hour drive that took us 6 hours. ;) The boys are such good travelers! We saw some of downtown Savannah and browsed the shops along the river. Saturday we went on a dolphin tour and saw tons of dolphins!! It was so cool!! Then we hung out at the beach. Sunday we went to church in Savannah and headed home. :) Friday and Saturday nights we had yummy bbque (at Sticky Fingers, YUM!). It was a fun time to celebrate our fifth anniversary, although we decided next year we'd do something alone! :) HA! Savannah was fun, but not as great as it's hyped up to be...That's our opinion, at least! ;D But is a fun memory we'll always cherish. ;)