Sunday, July 19, 2009

Take me out to the ball game! . . .

Yesterday we went to a Braves game. The Mets kicked their ba-tooties, but it was still a very fun time! We went with all the guys we work with and some of their friends. We had cotton candy and a hot dog and's funny because neither of our parents bought things at faires or ball parks or really anywhere. It's kind of liberating to do so within a modest budget. It's just something you have to do sometimes! Anyway, it was a blast. Afterward All American Rejects had a concert on the field and that was the perfect end to a great day. The lead singer was a bit odd, but the music was good enough to override that. :)~ Christian was soooo tired at the end of the day (no nap and going to bed late on top of going to bed late the night before), but he had a great time. Pics attached. One is of Miles spitting in Alan's face. It was pretty darn funny! :)~
We're staying busy around here. I'm still working and Alan is done with the MCAT so he's around a few more hours each day. :) It's so nice!
Christian has been going to the potty a lot these past few days. I decided to buy him suckers as treats because he LOVES them. It worked! I think he's really beginning to sense the "have to go" feeling. I'm so excited! I have a sticker chart up and everything. :)
Miles constantly dives forward to grab things. It's kind of funny unless he's in front of something hard. :) He constantly squeals and gabs on. :D He's also soooo grabby. His precious little hands are everywhere! :D
I just love my boys, all three of them. I am so grateful for family. Friends come and go, but family is forever. :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ode to July!

I love the month of July! I love the fourth with fireworks and friends. Three days afterward comes a day I can either love or dread: my birthday! :)~ This year it was a great birthday. :) I love the ice cream and swimming-time fun and coming from the heat to a cool, air conditioned home. Endless watermelon and chicken and potatoe salad and sprinklers and slip-n-slides. There's so much to like about July!
I do dislike that the weather gets even hotter. BLAH!...I guess that's the only con! But it's a pretty big one, especially around here. I am grateful that it's cooler and less miserable than Texas was the 2 summers we were there, though! And I'm grateful for the nice pool our apartment complex has. :)~ And the gym, which I have started frequenting again this past week! I stopped for a month b/c Alan was leaving early each morning to study for the MCAT, which he took btw. :) He says it was hard and feels a little nervous about his score...I'm sure he did just fine. :) We won't find out for another month or so. :S Drive ME crazy!
I've attached some of our summer fun pictures. Christian has a chocolate ice cream mustache in one of them. :)~ Silly kid. He is like his mommy where he LOOOVES his ice cream. HA!
My birthday was on the 7th and Alan got me a yummy, yummy, yummy Oreo cream pie and a silly card and that night he took me to dinner. It was so sweet of him! I'm impressed he actually acknowledged it this year. hehehe...It made me happy. My present will be shopping for an hour or two by myself with a budget. :) I'm excited for that! I'll probably go Monday morning.
We now have five guys selling here for the summer. I'm doing the office work for the sales team and it can be pretty stressful at times, though I am doing it at home. The worst part is I'm being paid hardly anything to do it. I'm trying to fix it so we'll see if I can work something out. :) It's nice that Alan's done with his MCAT, though, so we have him around in the mornings! For now, at least. I'll enjoy his company while I can. Christian LOVES playing with his daddy! Last night Alan got him a hotwheels motorized track and some more Hot Wheels...Alan said it was for Christian, at least, but I'm not so sure. He sure has a LOT of fun playing with it. HA!
All is well here in Cumming, GA. Just hot, humid and busy!

Saturday, July 4, 2009


I've been busy with the boys...They have a playground a couple blocks from us that Christian likes to go to. The other day we went and he was getting stuck on the slide. I taught him to scoot forward. It was funny! I had to include a video of it. ;)~
We also built a tent in their room. Christian and Miles both LOVED it. We made the sheet move and Miles and Christian would laugh and laugh. HA! I realized I don't do enough fun things with them! So, I've made a goal to do things to make Christian laugh every day. It's not like it takes much! I just have to use a little imagination!
They both sure keep me on my toes, but I love every minute of it. Even the bad times. I just love them sooooooo much!!!

We had a very fun evening last night. Apparently in this area they have city fire works on July 3rd...It's almost as if the holiday is seen as so sacred they feel that nobody should work on the 4th, not even the fire works setter-offers. :) We went to the fairgrounds in downtown Cumming and had yummy kettle korn and homemade ice cream and lemonade...Christian crawled through a tunnel of one of the many blow-up toys they had there and we looked at the many fun things the vendors were selling. We also had I.D. cards made for the boys with their fingerprints and everything. (The thought of needing them made my heart hurt!) Afterward we hung out on our blanket and chatted with friends we had met up with and at 9:30 p.m. we watched the city fire works. It was an all right show, though I've seen better. :) Christian was so tired he kept asking to go home and go to bed. HA! I was laughing...but he liked the fireworks and kept calling them big flowers and fell fast asleep at 10:30 p.m. when we finally got home. :)
This morning we went to a breakfast put on by our church. It was fun! There was lots of good food and everyone is so nice and fun to talk to! They had a slip 'n slide and cotton candy and pop corn and other fun games, though we missed out on that...We had to leave early so Alan could work. Alan bought a bunch of fire works for us to set off tonight and right now we're going to the pool. Yeah! I gotta go get greased up. HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!!!