Thursday, January 8, 2015


Highlights of the past months...
Logan Taylor was born! Weighing 8lb4oz (1 oz less than Christian, making him my second biggest baby). Doctors thought he'd be six pounds. Pishposh! :)
Alan delivered him! His own son as his first delivery of his medical residency. Huzzah!
The boys were thrilled to greet their new brother.
Though Elijah liked to view him only from a distance. He does NOT like the competition.
My dad came for almost two weeks to help with the kids. They LOVE Grandpa Bascom. :)
My dad (and Logan) and I drove up to Nauvoo, IL to see the LDS church history sites. It was a fun and memorable time. One of my favorite pictures was taken through the hole in the door of the prison where Joseph Smith was shot. It's the actual bullet hole of the shot that killed Hyrum Smith.

Christian got baptized! I can't believe he is eight, already.
 Alan baptized him and grandpa Bordon confirmed him a member of the Church. 
The Spirit was so strong, confirming to us all that Christian was truly following Christ into the waters of baptism.
 Christian was happy to share his special day with Logan. Logan was blessed right after his the confirmation. The Spirit was strong there, too. Loved it! Love him and Him! :)
Alan's parents, his grandparents and my dad were able to be there. I'm sure my mom was there, too. :)
It was such a special day...I'd dare even call it blessed.
The boys love October with pumpkin carving, soup season and of course Trick-or-Treating!

 Miles turned six. He was SO excited.
 He got a Hide Away Pet and Playdough. I really have to keep them away from commercials. Their whole Christmas/Birthday lists consisted of "As Seen On TV" toys. :P
 Logan's First Christmas. He didn't give a hoot. But I did. :) Happy First Christmas, baby.
Santa Came! It wasn't a huge Christmas (though there was also a big basketball game out in the garage, too) but it's not what Christmas is really about and we want all of us to remember that.

JANUARY (thus far):
 We drove south to Oklahoma to visit Alan's grandpa and his sister and my brother in Texas. Along the way we were able to catch up with some good friends! We love to maximize road trips. :)
We went to a fun museum with Alan's sister and her family. The boys' favorite things were the remote control cars and earthquake simulator.
Leaving the museum...Miles, surprisingly, was the only one who WALKED down the steps (he's usually bouncing all over the place but he was sick). love my BOYZZZ
Christian and his cousin, JJ, are such good buddies. :D My bro has some really precious kids.
My brother's favorite face. HUH?

We went with my brother's family to Chuck E Cheese's to celebrate Miles's 6th birthday (which was back in December, if you're not keeping up to speed). It was wonderful seeing family and friend! I love my husband for instigating these trips; I'm grateful family is as important to him as it is me. Love him!