Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day to ME

Hope everyone's day has been/will be romantic. Mine won't be, but it sure is exciting! For V-Day Alan got me....a new car! HA! It's not really for Valentine's Day; it's b/c we outgrew the Rav 4. :( She's been a good car to me, but I'm super excited to not feel chlosterphobic while driving...And now the person in the passenger seat doesn't have to kiss the dashboard! :) It's more spacious and overall nicer! Oh, it's a 2005 Nissan Pathfinder LE, btw. I'll post photos of it (pics from the dealership website...I haven't even driven it yet! Alan test drove it and drove it home--there was a snow storm--and after we unloaded the car from the trip up there Alan had to take it directly to work). So, I'll get to enjoy it soon enough. It's still not real to me that we have such a nice car.....

Well we just got a new computer, too, b/c this one is 8 yrs old and really slowing down and we're afraid it'll crash. It's nice! It hooks up to the cable and you can set to record shows and it has a DVD burner...Anyone know how to send a bunch of info from one computer (upstairs) to another (downstairs)?

Aside from our exciting new purchases we're just chugging along. I'm exhausted (Miles woke up twice last night) and Alan's never around. I'm so glad he's graduating in April! When he just has a full time job we'll see him soooo much more. I thought I'd see him more this semester but it's worse. I miss him more than ever lately. :( But I'm supporting him in all he's doing lately: full-time school, Kaplan's MCAT prep course, working, volunteering at the hospital 4 hrs every Sunday...Gee, it seems there's more. :)

Christian's new favorite song is "Old McDonald" and it's so cute to hear him sing it and many other songs. He seems to really love music and is getting better at speaking and saying complete sentences. He's so tall! He's not even 2 1/2 yet and he's wearing 4T clothes! AAaaah! He's my sweet big boy. He constantly wants to hold Miles and give him kisses and says things like, "Oh, he's so cute!" and, "Oh, he's so little!" HA! I love it. He loves his daddy. If you watch the video (called, "Fun with a diaper box") you'll see why...Alan's an awesome father! :) I love and appreciate him so much. :)

Miles is so precious and constantly melts my heart with his smiles. We are enjoying him so much!