Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Home on the range, an Anniversary, and a Birthday...

 My wonderful, stupendous, fabuloso husband stayed with the boys in July so I could go home and see my family...BY MYSELF...for TWO WEEKS! WOOHOO! It was a blast. I slept in, hooked up with friends, GOT READY each morning, spent time with my family...I was in heaven! The best part of is all is...I feel like I got to get in touch with myself again. It helped to take a step back from child rearing every day to take a deep breath and relax. aaaaahhhh...
It was a blast hooking up with friends (had lunch at Chili's) I used to work with. I love them tons, and after 9 years everyone still looked the same!! Well, the children were new, but...
Paige and Athena. I lick them...er...I mean love them. We enjoyed a lovely dinner at El Rosal. hehe... :D
My bff since 3rd grade, Shauna, and her lil' sis, Christina with her 6 1/2 kids. Such a fun reunion!
Lindsey, Shauna, my sissy, Jennifer and myself...visiting Lindsey and eating our favorite frozen yogurt. !Viva Yogurt Mill!
Eating at the DELISH El Rosal with the family. :D This is only a few of my 23 nieces and nephews. Big families rock!
Met up with my good friend, Amy. I love her AND her energy! :D
All four of us sisters went to my oldest sister, Francine's Girl's Camp. :D It was super fun!!
Fran was busy, so Jenn, Amy and I hung most of the time. :D I got to be a life guard...and fear for everyone else's lives that were in my hands. egads...see how my back was turned to the innocent little ones? Yah...ha! It was fun times hanging with my lifeguard superior, Monica. :D :D :D
They had a dance party one night...it was so fun!!! Everyone broke open their glow-in-the-dark necklaces and splashed everyone, so our clothes had glow-in-the-dark splotches on them while we danced. :D
We went kayaking a couple of times. I loved it! I will own a kayak one day. :D When my husband's a rich doctor. :)

The day I flew back home, my dad and I did a session at the Oakland temple together...then went to the visitor's center. It was so fun and spiritual; I love my daddy!!! And I had a blast visiting home!!!
Alan's aunt and uncle, Donna and Stu, and their son-in-law, James, were in NY for a visit and came down to see us.
We went to Hershey Chocolate World and decorated cupcakes and went on the tour...and Miles fawned over Uncle Stu the whole time. :D Hilarious! It was so good to see them for we love them much. :D
I just had to add this picture of my crazy boys. :D They sure are great buddies and we love them so very much. :D
Sept 4th was mine and Alan's 7th Anniversary. :D He surprised me by taking me to the D.C. temple--which is huge and gorgeous!--and we did sealings in memory of our own 7 years ago. :D
Then he took me to a Japanese all-you-can-eat restaurant in Virginia. mmmm....
The sushi was SOOOO GOOD! It was a fun and sweet date!! I love you, stud muffin!!!
Christian turned 5 on September 8th. We threw him a raging Spider-man birthday party to celebrate. ;)
We played wild and crazy games, such as "Pin the tail in the donkey"...
...and we played "keep those Spider-man villain balloons off your side of the line," which the kids loved. :D
Here's the group of crazy faces. :D It was full house with all the energy those kids have.
At the end, they decorated their own cupcakes, we sang to Christian, and everyone enjoyed cake and ice cream. :D YUM.
This is a cake our neighbor bought for Christian. :D It was really sweet (the gesture AND the cake). :D :D :D