Monday, June 22, 2009

Storm to end all storms

Today there was a CRAZY storm! The thunder cracked so loudly outside my window it actually startled me! :) The wind blew so strongly I thought the tree outside my window was going to touch the ground it bent over so much and the rain fell so someone was pouring buckets of water on the ground. It was, like I said, CRAZY. :) I got some video on my camcorder. It was seriously cool, I liked it...But the thunder woke Christian up from his nap, so I didn't like that. :D
But the heavy rainfall reminded me of Cochabamba, Bolivia. When we'd be up on the mountain we could look over and SEE the storm coming. The rain was so heavy it looked like a sheet attached to the cloud...coming straight toward us. It was cool! Cochabamba's sky was so pretty!
Anyway, it was pretty exciting. Visions of Cumming, GA being on the news...hit by Hurricane Lamoni or Lucy or whatever. I guess that much damage would be bad. There's a lot of leaves and stuff on the ground as it is...I feel really bad for the landscapers because for decoration here they make a big pile of dead pine needles around all the tree trunks (sounds odd, but it actually looks pretty cool)...There are a lot of decorative trees...Poor guys. :)
Anyway, thought I'd share.
I've attached a picture of Miles trying to catch the rays of light that danced on the wall beside his changing table. SO PRECIOUS. :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

I'm such a Georgia peach! :)

Wow, I've let three months slip by, though they were crazy-busy.
Alan graduated from BYU-Provo (pictures attached) and last month we drove cross-country to Cumming (just north of Altlanta), Georgia. Alan is selling pest control (as a team leader) and I am working from home as the Sales Office Manager. As if I'm not busy enough. Oh, well...A little extra stress couldn't kill me, right? Oh, wait. Yes it could! HA!

This area of Georgia is so beautiful. Everywhere you go you're surrounded by trees. The only downside of that is the extra bugs and beautiful birdy trills outside our window at 5:45 a.m. :) Se la vi. It is warm and humid but definitely not unbearable. I took the boys swimming this morning at 10 a.m. and it was perfect! :) The people are incredibly nice. They wave and smile and say, "Hi!" or, "Good morning!" instead of straining to look away, pretending they're looking at something else like us westerners. :)~ Overall I like it a lot! I like calling myself a "Georgia Peach". It's just so funny to me for some reason (I'm odd, I guess). However, though I do love my summer abode, I really miss my friends I've left behind....And, as always, I miss my family. :S

For Mother's Day Alan got me a Kitchen Aide mixer. I've been having a lot of fun with it! My sister, Francine, got me a cookbook called, "The Food Nanny Rescues Dinner" and I've been having a lot of fun with that, too. :) I've been making homemade rolls and spaghetti from scratch and yummy desserts. Baking and cooking are so much fun! :)~
The boys are so much fun. Christian loves learning new things all the time I just can't keep up with him. Miles is sitting up fairly well and has fun practicing rolling over. He's six months today and I am so sad; he's growing up so fast! His slobbery, open-mouth kisses just melt my heart...And grosses me out a little bit, but I wouldn't change it for anything. :)~
He and Christian adore each other. They constantly share hugs and kisses and make each other laugh. It's so stinkin' cute! :)
Christian got his first bike in April, though we didn't have room to bring it with us this summer so it's stored at my aunt's house in Orem, UT. What a jip, eh? We'll pick it back up after the summer. He loved it!
I've attached some random pictures from Easter. It was Miles' first, so I had to put the bunny ears on him. HA! He looked so cute. And Christian was overjoyed to have a basket full of candy waiting for him on the coffee table. :)
Next year, when Christian understands better, we'll focus more on the real reason for Easter: The Resurrection. We may have watched a video this year...I don't remember because life has been hectic, but I am grateful for the resurrection! We all should be!
A week or so before we moved here I was able to drive with the boys out to Modesto for a few days. It was nice to see the family! I really wished we lived closer. Maybe one day. :)
I couldn't see any friends except my friend, Amy, who came to see me. It was good to see her and her three kids!
I hope we can make it again soon and stay long enough to reconnect with everyone! :)
Christian absolutely LOVED to be around his cousins. He didn't want to leave, not even to see Daddy. :) He is so social and I know he can't wait until Miles is big enough to really play with him. (I've attached a picture of him playing with his friends at the park in Provo. He could be outside all day, every day. :D)
Miles liked the trip, also. He sure got a lot of loving attention from his aunts and cousins and grandparents. :)
We love and miss everybody, being on the other side of the country as we are. Especially my Provo friends...I'm sad we won't be returning. But everyone is always in our thoughts and prayers!

Loves and cuddles...Peace out! :)