Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gingerbread House

I made my first gingerbread house on Monday night. I remember my older sister(s?) making one when I was younger using graham crackers and homemade frosting, but I was too young...SO, the other day we bought a kit from Costco. It had everything you could ever need and then some...a HUGE tube of white frosting and a small tube of green, cookies for the house and a gingerbread Christmas tree and two gingerbread men and tons and tons of candy to decorate with. FUN!
So our friends, Amy, Scott, and Oliver, came over and they brought their own Costco gingerbread kit and it was so fun! :D Their gingerbread house, I'm sorry to say, didn't make it...but I think Oliver will have a wonderful time devouring the wreckage! :D
So we bought some deer antlers to take a picture of the boys for the holidays...this pic of Christian with Alan is the only time I've been able to get Christian to wear he already becoming aware of what is cool vs what is totally humiliating? hhmmmm... ;)~

Sunday, December 6, 2009

I love the Temple! :D

So Alan is currently at his interview at UW Medical School. AAHHHH!! I'm anxious to know how it's going!! :D Mainly, I'm anxious to know how it'll end up!, but we won't know that for a long while. :)
Yesterday a couple from our church watched our boys (they have a girl and a boy around the same age as our own) while Alan and I went to the Temple. It had been soooo long since we had gone it was like taking a breath of fresh air!! I'm so grateful for Temples...they're so peaceful and serene! And it was soooo nice to get out alone. Marcy, who watched our boys, wants to start a babysitting co-op, and I'm all for it! She's going to try and recruit a couple more couples...So we'd get to go out 3 Friday nights a month and have one Friday night of craziness watching everyone else's kids. It's a prayer answered!!!! Alan and I hardly ever go out together, but we really need to! :D Marcy seems super nice! I'm excited to get to know her (among others) better! :)
I just love my boys, even though they can drive me crazy sometimes. :S :) We have a large window in the front room and they love to sit and watch sometimes. I love to, also. We have a squirrel living in the trees outside our place and it walks around like it owns the place. HA! There are also so many birds around here!! They settle on the neighbors' lawns and eat, eat, eat. :) It's so nice and quiet here, I love it. I could never go back to an apartment!!...I wouldn't go quietly, anyway. ;)
I had to attach this picture of Christian wearing my shoes. HA! :D Standing in my heals right before peeing while standing up...There's just something so "Mrs Doubfire" about it. HA! :D He cracks me up! What can I say, I love the kid. ;)