Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Best Solution for Diaper Rash

My 2 year old will sometimes...and I don't know what he eats that causes it...but he gets a red, pulsating diaper rash. Almost-purple with raised bumps, he walks like a cowboy who's ridden a horse all day and cries about his "bum bum". Poor baby. I tried Desitin and the like but nothing helped. He was still in pain and still couldn't walk right. :(

How do you help your babe in this situation?

1) Give the poor kid a bath. Even refrain from using a wipe to clean the poopies off, rinse his/her bum under warm running water. Then give them a bath, gently washing the bottom area with baby soap.

2) Dry bottom well, patting dry with towel. Blow on it a little. My little guy likes that (I'm weird, I know).

3) Place clean diaper under their bottom. Now this is a trick my sister-in-law taught me...Place on your fingertip: either a dab of A+D Ointment or 3 pea-sized amounts of petroleum jelly plus 1 pea-sized amount of Neosporin (or generic brand). PLEASE adjust according to how large the affected area is. Gently dab on baby's red bum bum.

4) Sprinkle 1 Tbsp corn starch over the gel (all over bottom, doesn't have to be neat). Close diaper and dress them. It takes a few seconds, but baby will start walking normal until they poop again. It's magic!