Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Park Time!

Saturday was a pretty nice day, so we went to a park by our house. It was a nice park! Christian made some new friends and we enjoyed playing with the boys.

It was such a gay ole' time we shared a smooch! :D

See how smiley everyone is? :D

Miles was crawling down things instead of up them, like I tried to help him do. HA! Such cute babies...thank goodness for parks! (Kids need at least an hour of active play a day, I need to be better at giving it to them!!!) :D :D :D

Friday, January 8, 2010

Of HAIR & Money

I got a new haircut yesterday. YEAH! I was long overdue. :)~ I went to a salon that charges $50/haircut, but they offered me a 50% discount b/c I was a first time customer...I didn't mention that I'd probably be a one time customer, too. :)~ I'd go there again if we had that kind of money! I like $30 haircuts...they're affordable and much, much better than $15 haircuts you get at Fantastic Sams or Klassy Kuts. I've found out many a painful time that, with haircuts, you almost always get what you pay for.
I've been trying to have an art project/craft of the day for Christian. Yesterday he painted with water colors and today he made a candy necklace. He loved it (especially eating the necklace)! He's such a crafty guy...and I've always wanted to do some preschool with him here at home. I have a pre-k workbook we do, which he loves, but we left all his crayons, markers, paints, etc. in Georgia. Dote! I'm taking them to the dollar store today to stock up on some more so we have some fun things to do at home...I figure if I engage him, he won't engage himself...in other words, he won't get into so much mischief! :D
I think I'm obsessed with putting my boys in boxes...ha! I think it's so cute when they fit! :D Miles just sat and ate his snack in the Costco-sized cereal box and I had to laugh and take a picture!! :D HA!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!

These are the presents we scored at Christmas. :D Sweeeeet! :D

The craziness while everyone unwrapped their gifts. :D Issaquah, WA.
Miles reached a milestone last month...he turned one on the 19th and I could hardly believe it. :S It hasn't been that the time sped by, oddly enough, I just thought he'd never actually be one!...don't ask me why. ;) On his birthday our friends, the McCally's from Texas, came to have some cake and ice cream with us and our kids played and we chatted. It was a fun time! We were glad they just happened to be visiting family nearby. ;) The day after we got together wtih Alan's uncle Stu and aunt Donna. Miles and Stu share a birthday (but he was busy on the their birthday) so Sunday they brought over dinner and we had cake and ice cream with them. :) They got Miles a fun toy but had to leave too soon! I really like spending time with them! :D
This holiday season has been fun and eventful. We spent Christmas with Alan's family here in Washington (I made rolls for the second time in my life for the ocassion...they turned out pretty darn good, if I do say so myself!). At Alan's aunt & uncle's Christmas Day we spread a lot more than holiday spirit, unfortunately. :) Alan's cousin brought home her husband's two nephews...CUTE boys, but one brought a stomach bug with him...Saturday we went to Wenatchee (WA) to spend the weekend with Alan's parents and bless Alan's brother's new baby, Dalin. :D Well, needless to say, only Alan's parents went to church Sunday b/c everyone else was sick. Well, I wasn't, but Alan and the boys were and I didn't want to leave Alan to take care of Christian and Miles alone...regardless, Christian had a blast playing with his cousins, Joanna & Jaqueline! :D
I thought I was going to be lucky enough to avoid both the stomach bug and the nasty cold Miles has had...BUT (a big butt) Monday on our drive home both hit me so forcefully I just wanted to curl up and die...When we got home around noon I slept the rest of the night until 8 am the next day. I needed it!! Sweet Alan took care of everything for me while I rested. :D

By Wednesday I was ready to start eating again, though I had a hard time with liquids and my pee ended up brown. (TMI, I know, TMI.) HA! Just so you know, if that happens it's a BAD thing...very BAD. ;)
I've been reading "Memoirs of a Geisha" and my goodness!! I just keep marveling at what the geisha had to go through! If you haven't read it or seen the movie, it's something you must do before you die (I'd recommend at least the book so you can understand the customs better)...if for no other reason than to learn a bit about Japanese geisha culture. It's always good to learn! :)

I LOVE this picture of my hot husband and our precious 3 yr old. :D Christian sure loves his daddy!