Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Barnyard Boo

Saturday we went to Thanksgiving Point, a cool place with lots of different things to do about 20 min. north of us. They set up their Farm Country area for Halloween and called it "Barnyard Boo". We had fun!

We played Halloween croquet and were rewarded with a handfull of Tootsie Rolls afterward.
We went on a horse cart (whatever it's called!) ride and learned that our driver--a cute, petite female--loves to joust! HA!
They gave us two stamp cards-for Alan and I since we paid-so we could only do 10 things total. We also fed the animals (which didn't require a stamp) and frosted pumpkin cookies (which took 2 because I wanted one!).
The last activity we did was horsie rides. Christian wanted to ride the horses TWICE! The first time he rode the horses--only a few months ago--he didn't last even one time. But he loved it and shoved our hands away where we were securing him on. He's growing up too fast!
Miles is growing very quickly, also. Here's my seven month picture (it cracks me up when Christian's around b/c he runs in the picture with me and after each shot says, "Oh, cute!" HA!). HELLO, BELLY! :) I am amazed at how much he moves inside of me. It is so much more often and much more forceful than Christian was...So I have a feeling that he's going to be a very, very active little guy. Lord, give me strenght to keep up with my two boys! :)~
I am so excited to welcome him into the world, though. I've been nesting nonstop. I even have his bassinet set up in our room!
Speaking of beds I put Christian in his big boy bed yesterday-the right way. It took an hour and a half of putting him back in bed but he finally stayed for his nap and he went right down for bed last night--I think mainly b/c he's scared to wander around in the dark. Plus I told him I'd spank him if he got up. I used the same threat today for his nap and he got up only once, after finding out I followed through with it.
Christian is on my lap (forever my little shadow) and wants to say something: -jhu uybbujkj j,iu9m/bfcyvbigib k,vm nncv 67v cv c x xdrc 4tuq885g./l5i65o ,hl[,l[nit7l,[i'kmmmm k ''''''''''''''n
Now that he's got that out... :)
Oh, and by the way. Alan didn't get the job he was flown to Wisconsin for. Darn! HA! We were relieved. One less option to consider for post-graduation. :)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Missing Alan

Sunday we took a drive to Cascade Springs. It was the only day we could spend time together and I was soooo grateful it was the day it decided to rain and rain and rain. ;) We had umbrellas and coats and I was still cold! I guess I may need a maternity winter coat. Blah. Life costs so much. :)
I had a mission reunion 2 weekends ago. I was sad I couldn't go. It was in Salt Lake at 7 p.m. and Christian goes to bed at 7:30 p.m. Our ward had an ice cream social that night so no one was home from the ward to watch him. So, I went and got some free ice cream with Christian. It makes me sad that Alan works 6-10 p.m. every week night. I miss being able to go places with him in the evenings! Well, I guess I just miss him. We see him for 30 min to an hour weekdays and a few hours on Sundays (outside of church). If his schedule is light we may see him a little more but not much. I miss my husband. ;)
Every Tuesday night 4 or 5 of my girl friends and I get together and watch a movie. We bring however many movies we want to choose from and select one that night (well, usually). We're watching "The Others" tonight. We're going to watch scary movies all this month. Ooooooh! :) It's amazing that movie night has made me so happy! I didn't realize how much I missed girlie time until we started it. Now us girls are addicted to eachother. HA! Two Saturdays ago we got together and watched women's conference and ate a potluck brunch and talked about all the crazy girl stuff anyone could imagine. Then last Saturday we got together while our husbands were at the priesthood session and ate snacks and gave ourself facials and manicures and pedicures and watched "Pride and Prejudice". I love the girls! We have so much fun together and I look forward to seeing them each Tuesday night. We usually have movie night at my place b/c Alan's gone and they want me to be able to be there...Plus we have a 40" hdtv and niceish sound and they love my honey popcorn. HA! We have a blast.
I put Christian in his "big boy bed" for the first time last night. He was kicking and pushing on the sides of the crib and loosening the sides a bit. I decided it was time to put him in his toddler bed last night...Well, I found it at D.I. (second hand store). It was a crib that transforms into a toddler bed, but it's missing one of the crib sides. So, I turned it so the toddler "you can get out" side is against the wall and so he's basically in another crib. Just shorter and he can't loosen the sides. He's learning so much every day and mimics everything we do. It's so precious for the most part, though it can get on the nerves at times. :) He's finally 2 (as of Sept 8) and weighs 30 lbs and is 38" tall. He's got the Bascom tall genes going for him! :) We had a little party for him on his birthday. We invited some of his friends over and had cake and ice cream and opened presents and the kids played. It was simple yet the kids all had fun. (see pics)
We are happy and healthy. Miles is kicking away inside of me and I'm so excited to meet him! :) (see my big, pregnant belly...HA!) We always talk to Christian about Miles, his baby brother and he seems to understand. I'm nervous to take care of 2, but with the Lord anything is possible, right? :)