Friday, September 5, 2008

Four wonderful years

Yesterday was Alan's and my four year anniversary. The years sure have flown by! When I woke up I saw 2 dozen beautiful red roses on the table with the "Blue Planet" dvd's and the first season of the "X-Files". I was so confused at first, wondering why there was beauty and gifts on our dinner table. It took me a moment to remember that IT WAS OUR ANNIVERSARY! Hello?! :) I'd forgotten in the plans of Alan going out of town yesterday afternoon (until tonight) and Chrstian's birthday, which is on Monday. (Alan was flown to Wisconsin for a job interview for next summer...The bad thing is they want a two year commitment and we only want a job for one year. We'll see how it all works out.) My sweet honey remembered! And did something romantic! I was so happy. I made him a card, which you'll see in the pic.

Saturday we went to The Living Planet Aquarium up in Sandy. It was pretty fun! And it had the three things every cool aquarium must have: (1) sea horses, (2) a touch area, and (3) an octopus. It wasn't as big as the one in Seattle-they'd obviously turned a grocery store into the aquarium but did a fabulous job!-but it was still cool! I got to touch a few sting rays and I just loved it. :) Admission was $8.00 for Alan and I so at the end we decided to pay $14.00 extra (total) to get a year pass for us both. Christian is free b/c he's under 3. He LOVED it! He wanted to run through a couple times. Yeah! We'll have something fun to do during the freezing winter!

Tomorrow to celebrate our anniversary we're going to the temple in the morning and going to dinner in the evening. We'll probably take Christian with us in the evening to act as his birthday dinner. :) Fun!