Sunday, January 25, 2009

Miles' Blessing

Hello! This month has been both exciting and exhausting. :) Miles has been such a joy in our lives! I read that babies don't intentionally smile until they're three months, but most times when he hears my voice he gets a big, happy smile. I love it! I got it on the video camera...I'll have to figure out how to get it from there to here. :)

He is a sweet boy though the first month he was very fussy. I was confused--thinking he had bad gas--until I realized he had signs of reflux...He got on medication last week and he's been so much happier! We all have. :) I'm so glad he's not in pain anymore it just broke my heart...Now he has a cold he got from Christian after he so lovingly sneezed in his face two different times. HA! What are big brothers for?

Christian has been getting soooo big! I've attached a pic of him and I, mind we just woke up and I show it. :) He's over 3'3" and I looked at a height calculator thing online and it estimated him to be 6'8" by the time he's 18. HA! Could you imagine? That'd be funny. :) He is learning to adore his little brother. He's so curious and constantly getting into things, which is good but sometimes bad. :) Whenever I pull out the camera he doesn't want to pose but just take pictures with it. It's funn but kind of annoying! :) I'll attach a video I took--while pretending I wanted to take a picture of him--to demonstrate, but keep in mind he wasn't as bad as he usually was. He took a picture of me on the toilet the other day. I couldn't stop laughing b/c it was so innocent! HA! Then he took a picture of what was inside the toilet before I could flush. It cracked me up...I won't be attaching that picture.

Alan's been keeping very busy with school, work, volunteering at the hospita and taking his KAPLAN course--his prep course for taking the MCAT. He also squeezes in basketball every other Wednesday night. Needless to say we don't see him much. We visited him briefly at school the other day and Christian cried when we left him. It broke my heart.

I've been so dang tired. That's all I can say. :) Miles actually sleeps pretty well! He'll sleep 4-5 hours--though he's slept 6 hours a couple times--then another few hours after that. I just have a hard time with the whole sleep-interruption thing. :)

We blessed Miles at church today. He was so precious! I've attached a picture of him in his outfit. So cute! It was the one Alan was blessed in as a baby so it's pretty darn precious. A good friend took pictures of him and our family beforehand with her really nice camera (the one attached was taken by me with our ditial). I'm excited to see them! A few good friends came to see the blessing and a few good friends from the ward stood in the circle (helped bless Miles). It was precious. Afterward we had a little lunch with the firends that came to visit us from out of town. Fun times!