Friday, January 31, 2014

CATCHUP! Hold the mustard...

Thanksgiving we went to our friends, the Moore's, in Virginia. We love them! We stayed a few days and had many delicious food adventures.
 And some park ones, too. And we played board games every night. FU-UN!
Poor Elijah got a staph infection but we got him on antibiotics and he got better fast. :(
Here's the babe with his staph. Pobrecito. We put up our Christmas tree right when we got back.
What? You can't see it? Yah, it was 3' tall and the bottom lights burned out this year. It's been retired but it served us well. Oh and there's the boys doing what they love best: video games.
 Miles completed his Pre-K workbook (it's a fat book!) so I took him on a date (his promised reward). We went to Fun Unleashed (a Chuck E Cheese's type place) to play arcade games, then got ice cream at McDonald's...
then went to the library and saw Where the Wild Things Are play. It was a very fun night! My how things are better when you are with your kids one-on-one.
 At the library I took the boys to do The Polar Express. They read them the book, then we took a trolley to "Santa's Workshop," a store they transformed with toys (they got to buy one with a coin they'd received after the story). 
Santa was there, of course. They really liked it. This library is pretty awesome.
 We drove to the Washington D.C. LDS temple to see the lights...
 ...and one of our favorite pianists, Paul Cardall, played there for free. Elijah was loud, of course, but otherwise it was a very fun time!
We wanted to surprise my family for Christmas but the tickets were ridiculously expensive. So we hung out here and chillaxed. The boys opened slippers and jammies on Christmas Eve and drank hot chocolate and watched a move. It was great to be together.
New Year's Eve our friends had a barn party. It.was.freezing. Otherwise it was good fun with lots of yummy treats. :D
HAPPY 2014!!
This winter has been pretty darn brutal here in PA so this is the main thing we've been doing.
Snuggle time!
Even with the heat at 74 or 75 (hey, utilities are included in rent) there is such an awful draft that is so.dang.cold!!!
They've cancelled school a couple of days because it was so cold (below zero cold).
brrr...I hope this winter won't last much longer because I am READY for my 3 active boys to get out of our 650 sq. ft. apartment and play outside already!!!
I love them.
I promise. :)