Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ode to Fireflies

I love walking around the apartment complex at dusk because it's when the fireflies come out. There's something so magical about their little lights flashing over the bright bright grass in the dimming light. I love it! I saw a lot in Bermejo, Bolivia, but I can't get enough of them. :D One floated lazily by me--four inches from my face--this evening as I pulled out a few weeds that had popped up in my garden. :D So unabashed and unafraid...such cute little guys, I blew it a kiss. ;)
I'm so grateful for the fireflies in our life. Their light is so small yet can brighten even the darkest, dustiest corners of our hearts.
Thank you, fireflies. :)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Being Prepared

So it never hurts to be prepared...right?

So here's Alan's Father's Day present...I know it's not for over a week, but I had to get it today. I couldn't wait. ;) He's wanted a Blu-ray player for sooooo long.

And what good wife wouldn't set it up for him...early...and watch her "New Moon" Blu-ray disc on it? Aren't I so wonderful?
heheheeeeee...Don't tell Alan, I want it to be a surprise. He can't see our blog on the Air Force computers (not like he looks anyway, I'm sure) but if you communicate with Alan keep it on the DL. :D
I know he'll love it. ;)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It's here...THE couch. :D

My couch was delivered today. :D I love it! I'm so excited to sit and enjoy it! :D HA!
(Sitting is not a common thing for this mother of two very active boys. HA!)

Here it is! :D Loooovely. Mmmmmm...Smells like....leather! :D

Here it is with only one side reclined (the other side reclines as well).

Work it, baby work it. Let's get all the angles. ;D
I hope for many a night snuggling with my honey on it. :D

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Black or green thumb?

I planted my very first garden yesterday. Whoopie! :D I'm nervous about it's safety, however...the other three or so plants I've had (in pots...inside) have died! Despite all my best efforts to keep them alive. ;) SO, I hope I can keep this garden alive. There's petunias and a few marigolds and (other flowers I can't remember) and a watermelon plant and two strawberry plants. :D I hope they all work out. Christian's really excited.

I've also taken some pictures of our place here in Hershey, PA (mainly for Alan, since he's been gone and hasn't seen it).

Here's the office/toy room. I LOVE having the toys out of the living room!

Dining room...that's Miles' chair covered in plastic. He's MESS-Y. ;)

Kitchen...I still need to arrange a lot in here. One thing at a time...

One wall of our huge living our Poang chairs (from Ikea) and our new bookcase.

Another corner of our living room...the one we love. ;)

The fourth Living Room wall...patiently awaiting the new couch. Five more days! :D
(Don't mind the shelves on the left...they're one of the many things I need to organize still.) :D

And here's the new yellow towel (and matching bath mat) I picked out and the toothbrush holder Christian picked out for the second bathroom. I sure love that kid.

Did I mention we got a new bookcase? ;) I'm pretty much in love with it.
SO! There's the gist of it! :D Hope you enjoyed the show! :D