Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Almost missed it!

I almost missed my chance to write a post for March. Hafta post at least one each month, right? :) The thought just makes Miles upset, as you can see. (I love his sad, frowny face! He makes it all the time and melts my heart!) HA!

All is well here! We've just been busy busy busy.

I wrote that Christian's new favorite song is "Old McDonald"...Well, I caught him singing it, using the garbage can as a drum. It was so stinkin' cute! Video below. ;)

This month Christian peed in the toilet for his first (and only) time. I was soooo excited! I was squealing in delight while he was looking at his little drizzle like, "Oh, did I do that?" HA! I was so proud...Another development is that Christian finds that he greatly enjoys tormenting his baby brother. He's not too bad--I've seen worse--but it's still rather annoying. He's our little creative guy...And he talks a lot! He loves to laugh and makes us laugh all the time. His new favorite phrase is, "What the heck?" Last month it was, "Oh, crap!" Sounds like someone I know...Couldn't be copying me, could he?

Miles is as precious as ever. He brings such light into my life. His constant smiles make any day brighter. He really tries to suck on his fingers, though he usually gets his fist. I did catch him sucking on his thumb, though. SO stinkin' cute! I've also attached a video of him. You will see him smile, frown (which I love) and the grand finale is him filling his pants. The memory filled up, which is why it stopped when it did, but it's hillarious! Love it.

We've had some really beautiful days this month! We went on a few bike rides. Fun times! Here's a picture of the boys in their bike trailer.
I got new pink shoes last night. Totally random, but I'm so excited for them! They make me feel like Dorothy.

I also got a new hair dryer...It's my first real hair dryer! I always get the $10 travel size ones, but this one is ceramic-ionic and has a diffuser and everything. It dries my thick head of hair so much faster! :) I used the diffuser this morning to bring out my curls...The test is to see if they stay!