Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Animals, animals everywhere!

This long, frigid winter I've been trying hard to keep the kids busy.
Elijah loved this stuff-the-fuzzies-in-the-hole game...until Miles broke it. :P
For Valentine's Day Alan made me cinnamon rolls and eggs and bought me a card and Reese's PB heart.
He knows the way to my heart. :)
I didn't do anything for him. What a bad, bad wife!
Elijah was in heaven splashing in puddles one day.
LOOOOOOVE this sweet smile. :)
This is how we clean up spills around here. They were bending down and picking them up with their mouths. Who needs a vacuum?
We took our second trip to the Pittsburgh Zoo. It wasn't nearly as fun as the first time we went.
No pictures with the elephant...
And the giant sting rays that came up to us from the touch tank were gone, replaced by small shy ones. :/
The polar bears were exciting, though, playing right in front of our faces and eating fish the caretaker threw down to them from above. :)
Christian was invited to a Birthday party at a roller skating rink. He used the granny-walker thing most of the time but had a blast.
Miles was able to skate, too. He LOVED it! ha! They were wobbly and fell a lot, but all they could talk about when we left was how they wanted to go again.
My friend and neighbor, Shannon, came over for a visit. Elijah tried on her daughter's shoes and LOVED them. :D
Wore them around the house until the baby girl was about to burst because she wanted them back. haha! Preeeeeetty.
Elijah drank some of that water. Yep.
 Ate at 100 Degree Hot Pot with our good friends, the Chen's. Love them!
And the food is sooooo yummers!
Winter has finally left us! The boys were in heaven the other day, helping our neighbor fly his new kite.
This STINKER woke up several times during the night, thinking it was time to get up, for DAYS after Alan took him to WA for 6 days. Totally screwed up his schedule. Just the past few days he's been sleeping through the night again.
 We drove to IL, a whole 12 hours, to look at homes. It'll be nice to get a home and KNOW where we're going to be living the next 3 years! This was Elijah, pretty much the whole trip. I hate that pacifier but MAN it sure makes him a happy boy!
And this wast the two older boys the whole time. Constant touching-laughing-fighting-laughing-squealing. :)
Overall they did very well because they're pretty darn good kids.
I'll keep you updated if we close on a house.... :D