Thursday, June 26, 2008

Of the Bordon clan, Baby, and Exercise

Alan's parents and his younger sister (and her son) came to Provo to visit us before Alan's olders sister, Kristina, and her family move to Mesa, AZ (they're moving Saturday). It was a fun time! We got family pictures taken and basically hung out with one another. There were some contentions and disputes, of course, but what family doesn't have those? We missed Alan's older brother, Roger, and his wife. They had to work and couldn't make it. We were all sad when the left on Monday. They were only here over the weekend and it's just too short a time!
I had my first OB/GYN visit Friday. I was so excited to hear the heartbeat! When we finally got to that moment the nurse moved the sensor around for a long time. My heart dropped and I thought, "Great, another miscarriage?!" But she finally found the quick little pulse and tears sprung to my eyes. The doctor says everything's well. Hooray!
I have been going to the gym 5 days a week in the mornings. I love it. It's been super hard lately but I just make myself go! The mornings Christian wakes up late I'll take him on a bike ride along Provo River Trail. It's sooooo beautiful! You get caught up in the trees and flowing river and forget you're in the middle of the city. I love it! I'm so grateful for my bike! My mom gave it to me a couple years ago and it's been perfect!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bike Riding

Saturday Alan, Christian and I rode from our apartment to Bridal Veil Falls. On the way we found the BIGGEST dandelion I have ever seen! Christian tried to blow on it but nothing happened. HA! It was a 10 mile ride there--uphill--and 10 miles back--downhill. It took us two hours to get there and 1/2 an hour to get back. HA! I lugged Christian behind me on his bike seat and Alan rode his new bike. I am so glad for his new bike! We have taken many family rides since he found it for $250 at Costco. Man, I love Costco. Anyway, the ride was very fun! There was a Provo Run that same day and we passed over a hundred runners going the opposite direction as us. We had fun hooting and cheering them on. Most smiled and some looked at us like we're crazy, but it was still very fun. :) We couldn't spend much time at the falls area because Alan volunteers at the hospital across the street from 11a.m. - 1 p.m. every Saturday. He's a busy boy. :) It was fun family time!
I am 12 weeks along in my pregnancy and ready to stop barfing! It makes it difficult to clean my home and almost impossible to cook food. I am guessing it'll go away at 16+ weeks like it did with Christian. I prayed for Alan and I to have more empathy...or sympathy with each other (my constant sickness and his busy-tiredness). Well, last night Alan threw up a couple times and I thought, "Man. The Lord sure does answer prayers in mysterious ways!" He's been feeling weak and sickly all day (poor boy). He has had more sympathy for me now...It'll probably only last a couple days until he forgets how much it sucks. :)
Christian is so dang cute. Those without kids will understand one day...You just love everything thing they do! It's all so precious! :) I've added a video of when I caught Christian reading to himself on the Lazy Boy in his room one day. He stopped babbling and started cheesing it up for the camera once he saw me. I love these rare, precious moments when he'll go off and play by himself. He's usually following me around the apartment. :) Man, I just love him!