Monday, May 21, 2012

A shave and a hair cut...

I hate taking pictures with just me in them (as you can tell by my face), but here it is. My new hair. ;) I did the highlights and some reddish color (in with the highlights to make them jump) and got a trim. More layers, basically, and shorter bangs.
Some say they cut their hair to prepare for a baby...I didn't feel that way. I just plain needed a trim and some shape. :) But I guess there's always the fact that I won't be as able to go out and get a cut once little Elijah comes. ;)
And the shave? Well, I'm about to have a baby. ;) Gotta keep those legs smooth! :D
Tomorrow I will be 37 weeks. That's full term. Woohoo! I'm getting a little anxious, especially as I see my neighbors having their babies. :D Did I mention there are 5 of us in our area (of 16 apartments) that are pregnant? :D HA! It's true. Here we are standing in order of due date. Jane, the Asian woman on the left, had her baby last week. Next in line is Michelle. She will give birth any day now. Tia is due June 4th, I'm due June 12 (or 13th, whatever), and Andrea is due at the end of June. So I'm surrounded by these skinny prego chicks while I'm the only one bloated like a whale. HA! Se la vi. A woman saw this picture on her daughter's facebook page and shrieked, offering to take professional pictures of us for free. The four of us who hadn't popped took advantage of that and now we're anxiously waiting the CD of the pics she promised. :D
 For Mother's Day Alan got me 2 dozen white roses and a pack of DELICIOUS cinnamon rolls from Costco. :) Flowers and food: a man after my own heart. ;) And Sunday morning he had the boys bring me "Mother" pictures they had colored for me and a "Best Mother in the World" certificate. HA! It was very cute. They each said something they appreciate about me. Christian said "she makes me lunch" and Miles said, "She makes me breakfast". Yah, those are my boys. :D I don't care what Alan gets me for any occassion, as long as he tries. The effort is all I care about. :) And he darn done himself good. ;)

Saturday, May 5, 2012

OOPS, forgot Thanksgiving 2011

So I was just looking at our NYC pics from last summer and read that I wanted to take the boys there some day. Well, that "some day" came last November. We took the boys to see the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. Alan's cousin, Erin, and her husband met us there from Binghamton, NY. It was a fun time (though we can leave out that I was had such terrible "morning sickness" that I ralfed twice on the three-hour drive to NYC). ;)
All of us, anxiously waiting for the parade to start. November 25, 2011.
This was my favorite float...the actual actors from Sesame Street were on it, along with all our favorite monsters. And Big Bird, of course! :D
 Watching the parade. :D With Erin and her husband, James. Christian was at the front of the crowd by himself for a better view. :D
A place we stopped to rest for a bit after the parade.
Christian was super excited to see the Lego store, though it was closed on Thanksgiving day. Love his cheesy smile. :)
Here's some random leaf pictures from the fall. We love to make piles of leaves outside! Miles is such a Mama's boy. I hope that never changes. :D
Thank you for sharing our November 2011!